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Audubon - 45 years of youth soccer

Audubon - 45 years of youth soccer


Article 1: Name

Originally organized in 1978 as the Audubon Soccer Club and re-incorporated in 2014, the name of the organization shall be the Audubon Soccer Youth Association (ASYA).

Article 2: Mission

The mission of the organization shall be to instruct the youth of Audubon and surrounding communities in the game of soccer while stressing the qualities of good sportsmanship, team spirit, honesty, courage, loyalty, and respect; all aiding in the development of the organization’s youth.  The main focus of the ASYA is a recreational soccer program available to all players who wish to participate.  The ASYA will support a full and robust travel program as long as the Board of Directors (BOD) conclude that it does not interfere with the recreational program.

Article 3: Affiliation

The ASYA shall remain a non-profit and non-political organization.  It shall be as self-supporting as possible and all funds raised shall be used solely for the advancement of the organization as a whole.  This organization shall not engage in team play for monetary gain.  The ASYA is associated with New Jersey Youth Soccer (NJYS) and maintains travel programs with South Jersey Soccer League (SJSL) and South Jersey Girls Soccer League (SJGSL) and US Club Soccer.

Article 4: Membership

Any parent or guardian (of a registered player), coach (registered to ASYA), present or past board members interested in the objectives of ASYA, and of good character may become an active member.  Active members may attend all club meetings and have voting privileges. 

Article 5: Legal Action/Good Standing

No official, officer, referee, team, club, player, parent/guardian or their representative may invoke the aid of the courts of any municipality, county, state or of the United States without first exhausting all available remedies within the ASYA.  For violations of this rule, the offending party shall be subject to sanctions of suspensions, fines and shall be liable to ASYA for all expenses incurred by ASYA, their affiliates and their officers in defending each court action including but not limited to the following:

1.      Court costs

2.      Attorney fees

3.      Reasonable compensation for the time spent by ASYA or ASYA officers and affiliates in responding to and defending against allegations in the action including responses to discovery and court appearances.

4.      Travel expenses

5.      Expenses for holding special ASYA Board of Directors meetings necessitated by court action.

No official, officer, trustee, referee, team, coach, player, parent/guardian or their representative shall be considered a member in good standing until litigation has ended and all costs, fines, fees, and expenses are paid or unless return to good standing is decided by the ASYA Board of Directors.

Article 6: Officers and Directors

The board of directors shall strive to have nine (9) voting members consisting of a President, Vice President, Recreation Director, Stand Director, League Administrator, Treasurer, Player Agent to oversee boys travel teams, Player Agent to oversee girls travel teams, and a Field Director.

The ASYA Board of Directors has, for the betterment of the association, the empowerment to make decisions on any issue not clearly addressed in the Bylaws.

The officers shall be elected annually by the voting membership at the monthly meeting in December. 

  1.    In odd years, elections will be held for:

1.      President

2.      League Administrator

3.      Recreation Director


2.      In even years, elections will be held for:

1.      Vice  President

2.      Treasurer


3.     Appointed Positions:

The following positions are appointed by the President.

1.      Boys Player Agent

2.      Girls Player Agent

3.      Field Director

4.      Stand Director


Nominations for office will be made at the meetings prior to the December meeting.  The nominee must be a member in good standing and eligible to vote.  The nominee must be present and accept the nomination.  All elected members of the board shall take office at the first meeting in January and serve for a term of two years or until their successors are elected and have qualified for office.  Any member in good standing or board member of the ASYA (past or present) twenty-one (21) years of age or older who has a vested interest in the ASYA can be nominated to run for office.  Board members of other youth organizations are not permitted to run for office as this would constitute a conflict of interest. Accepting a Board Position in another youth organization will result in a forfeiture of the ASYA Board Position.

All coaches in good standing that are a minimum of 21 years of age who have attended 6 club meetings during the 12 months previous to the vote may vote in the elections of officers to the board of directors of the ASYA and for bylaws.  A proxy vote will only be accepted for the election of officers if the eligible voting member has provided verifiable proof (to the President) of a legitimate reason for being absent from the December election meeting (working, illness, death in family, etc.).  Proxies must be submitted to the President prior to the day of the meeting.

If a vacancy on the board occurs it may be filled by appointment of the President and approval of the elected members of the board of directors by a simple majority vote.  The appointee, if approved, shall serve the unexpired term of his/her predecessor.

In the event that a position is vacant, the President has the authority to re-assign the tasks of the vacant position to other members until said position is filled.

An officer or director may be removed from office for serious misconduct or lack of attendance at meetings.  Removal of an officer or director for serious misconduct shall be initiated by the presentation of a petition signed by no fewer than fifty (50) percent of the eligible voting members to the board of directors to determine if a vote by the voting members is warranted.  The board shall hold a referendum in a timely manner on the issue of removal from office.  A two thirds (2/3) vote of eligible voting members shall be necessary to remove an officer or director from his/her position.

Article 7: Duties of Officers

The President is an elected position and shall preside over all general membership meetings.  He/she shall be ex-officio a member of all committees except the nominating committee.  He/she shall be empowered to appoint special committees as the need arises.  He/she shall be responsible for obtaining fields, setting schedules for games, and for reporting poor field conditions to the league.  The President will also initial and review all bills prior to them being paid on a monthly basis.

The Vice President is an elected position and shall assume all the duties of the President in the President’s absence.  In addition, he/she shall be in charge of registration and in charge of coordinating tryouts for traveling teams.  These functions shall be performed with the assistance of both Player Agents and the Recreation Director.  He or she shall also be responsible for overseeing all purchases and keeping inventory.

The League Administrator is an elected position and shall take the minutes of all meetings (both general membership and board of directors), issue all correspondence through proper channels, and be responsible for communications between the Board of Directors and general membership.  Announcements at meetings are considered notification to all members, or to those whose attendance is required by these bylaws. Also, he/she shall take and keep attendance for all meetings.  These attendance records shall be used to determine a member’s voting eligibility.

The Treasurer is an elected position and shall have custody of all funds belonging to the organization.  These funds are to be deposited in the name of the organization in a bank or trust company approved by the board of directors.  He/she shall have custody of all securities belonging to the organization.  He/she shall report financial conditions on a monthly basis.  He/she shall pay all bills approved by the President. His/her accounts may be audited annually by a committee appointed by the President.  He/she shall assist with Town Drive and Sponsors.

The Recreation Director is an elected position and shall assist the Vice President with registration and shall be responsible for the formation and operation of the recreation leagues.  This shall include but not be limited to assigning players to teams, making schedules, writing the rules (with Board approval), oversight of coaches, calling and conducting meetings with the coaches, keeping the player agents informed on all matters affecting the players and distribute materials (flyers, notices, clothing orders, pictures, etc.) to the teams.  The Recreation Director shall appoint division coordinators.  The division coordinators shall assist the Recreation Director with his/her duties listed above.

The Player Agents are appointed positions and are in charge of players on traveling teams shall assist the Vice-President with registration and tryouts, attend meetings of the respective leagues (the South Jersey Soccer League and the South Jersey Girls Soccer League) and report back to the President and the board; handle pass packets for teams, and distribute materials (flyers, notices, clothing orders, pictures, etc.) to the traveling teams, manage any problems involving players on traveling teams, including complaints, and be responsible for collecting injury reports.  The Player Agent is responsible for all communication between SJGSL, SJSL and ASYA.


The Stand Director is an appointed position and is responsible for purchasing and maintaining inventory for all concession stand(s) and shall have oversight over funding sources to concessions (including any stand that is operable) and be responsible for the staffing and operation of all concession stand(s).

The Field Director is an appointed position and shall oversee the maintenance and lining of fields as necessary.

The Trustee position shall consist of (1) or more appointed members that can be selected annually by the President and approval of the elected members of the board of directors by a simple majority vote.  The trustee shall be present at General and Board meetings to assist the organization in any functions, duties, or knowledge of past experience.  The position(s) will have full voting privileges based on the organization’s requirements.  For this position, the board can waive the active member requirement if approved by a simple majority of the board members.

All officers shall remain available to serve as chairperson on any committee if appointed by the President.

All officers shall remain available to lead sponsor program, picture day, flower sale, the town drive, and other fund raisers deemed appropriate by the board if appointed by the President. 

Article 8: Meetings

All meetings are open to all interested members of the community. Most meetings will be held on the second Thursday of the month.  However, the date, starting time, location, and number of meetings per year may change as circumstances dictate.  The Board of Directors controls the scheduling/planning of meetings.

The Audubon Soccer Youth Association is a non-profit, non-political organization and its meetings are intended for the betterment of the organization's ability to support the youth of the community.

The Board of Directors will normally meet following the general membership meetings with additional meetings scheduled when necessary.  The presence of fifty percent of the board shall constitute a quorum for a Board of Directors meeting.

Article 9: Committees

The President shall be a member of all committees formed by the board of directors, with the exception of a nominating committee which will include the Vice President.

Article 10: Bylaws

Changes or amendments to the bylaws of this organization may be voted upon and approved at any meeting by a two thirds (2/3) vote of the eligible voting members present, provided that the changes have been submitted in writing and approved by the Board of Directors and then read at two (2) meetings, including the meeting at which the vote takes place.  Bylaws will be updated once a year prior to the organization’s Fall registration, normally held in April for the upcoming season.  Suggested changes not received and approved by the February meeting will be carried forward for next year’s review and approval.  The BOD, at its discretion, may implement an approved bylaw at any time if it is deemed that such change would impact on the safety of play.

Article 11: Coaches

Any member who is (21) years of age or older is eligible to apply to be a coach or participate in any coaching activity where registered ASYA players are involved.  Any member who is (18) years of age or older is only eligible to apply to become an assistant coach and/ or participate in any coaching activities.  Applicants for a coach, assistant coach, or a coach in training must be approved by the Board of Directors (BOD) and the BOD will appoint all coaches and approve all coaching activities.

All coaches must submit a coach's application form annually.   Applications for travel coaches are due by April 30, or a date set by the BOD, for the season that begins the following August. Applications for coaches in the recreation program are due in August.  A single coach’s application for an individual who wishes to coach both a travel team and a recreation program team is sufficient.  Anyone who wishes to volunteer for coaching or comes in contact with any ASYA registered player must complete the coach's application form and obtain Board approval prior to participating in any ASYA player activities.  Approvals are only valid for one year and must be renewed each year (August 1 - July 31 for Recreation Coaches and April 30 – April 29 for Travel Coaches) with the board to continue coaching in any ASYA capacity.  No travel coach will be allowed to coach or assistant coach for more than one team at any given time unless the board approves this action.  The board of directors reserves the right to deny any coach, whether new or returning, approval for renewal.  If there are multiple applicants for a coaching position, the Board of Directors will choose the team’s coach and the Board’s decision will be final without need for explanation.

Any approved ASYA Coach (Travel and Recreation teams) is strongly recommended to attend all coaches meetings and work parties (if the BOD deems them needed).  It is the responsibility of each coach to ensure that his/her team is properly represented at every meeting and work party. 

In order to maintain good standing as a coach for the year approved, the following is a list of Mandatory Standard Requirements.  Failure to meet these requirements may result in forfeiting your coaching rights within the ASYA:

1.      Attendance at a minimum of 3 in-season coaches’ meetings

2.      Support town drive

3.      Support work parties

The Board of Directors will determine whether coaches who do not attend/support will forfeit coaching rights based on a two-thirds (2/3) vote by the board.

The Head and Assistant Coaches will be responsible for conducting practices, distribution of uniforms, equipment, and all other ASYA property assigned to his/her team as well as all other duties associated with coaching the team.  All equipment assigned to a coach at the beginning of the season from inventory provisioned by ASYA (including but not limited to coach’s bags, soccer balls, cones) must be returned to the ASYA at the completion of the season.

Coaches will not permit any player to act in a manner which results in poor sportsmanship of any kind or violates the organization’s Code of Conduct in any way.  Any problems and or injuries occurring within the travel program must be brought to the attention of the appropriate Player Agent who will then relay information to the Board of Directors.  Any problems and/ or injuries occurring within the recreation program must be brought to the attention of the Recreation Director who will then relay information to the Board of Directors.

Coaches will not be permitted to conduct any team activities in the name of the ASYA away from ASYA approved facilities without first obtaining written permission from the parents of participating ASYA registered players and permission from the Board of Directors.  If written parental/guardian permission and Board of Directors permission is not obtained then the activity will be considered a non-sanctioned activity and the ASYA shall not be held liable in any way for accidents, injuries, loss of property, etc. that may occur from participation in the activity.  The coaches conducting the non-sanctioned activity shall assume full responsibility and liability for any accidents, injuries, loss of property, etc. to participants.

All travel coaches must communicate to SJSL and SJGSL through player's agents only.

Any inappropriate conduct by any coach within the ASYA organization may result in disciplinary actions.  Disciplinary actions include but are not limited to suspension or removal from coaching duties.  Such action will be taken by the Board of Directors only after the coach has been given the opportunity for a hearing to defend against the charges brought against them.  The complaint must be reported to the appropriate Player Agent (for travel program) or Recreation Director (for recreation program) and then turned over to the Board of Directors.  The decision of the Board of Directors shall be final.

It is a state requirement that any Recreation and/or Travel Coach take an online concussion training course.  Additionally, all Travel Coaches are required to obtain an F-License or equivalent state certification in order to coach a travel team.  The club will pay the cost of obtaining the state certification.  The ASYA may pay part or all of the cost to a coach who may wish to obtain additional certifications beyond the required minimum certification, but prior approval must be granted by the Board of Directors prior to reimbursement of any cost.  The decision on how much, if any, reimbursement will be based on but not limited to an individual's years of service in the program and the individual's intention for future service within the club in a coaching capacity.  US Youth Soccer offers free online training for parents and coaches alike, and it is highly recommended by the association that coaches and parents take advantage of these resources.  The goals and philosophies of ASYA are supported in these USYS training programs. 

Article 12: Players

It is the policy of ASYA that all recreation players will be allowed reasonable playing time (Recreation 1/2 game) for all ASYA sponsored activities.

Article 13: Fall Registration

The board of directors will set registration dates.  These dates will normally be in the spring for the upcoming fall season; however, the board may establish a policy for registration after these dates with any late fees as they see fit and as long as this policy is not otherwise in violation of this bylaw.

Accordingly, the board is responsible for setting dates by which all applicants must register in order to be eligible to play on or try out for a traveling team.

The above notwithstanding, a coach and all players must properly register as a travel player in order to be eligible to tryout and / or play on an ASYA travel team no later than the last registration date set by the Board of Directors.

In order to register a travel team with SJGSL/SJGSL, there must be a properly registered number of players on/or by June 1st.

The minimum number of players that a team must have properly registered to be considered for registration with SJSL/SJGSL is:

  • 7v7 needs 10 (small sided)
  • 9v9 needs 12 (small sided)
  • 11v11 needs 14 (full sided)

If fewer than the minimum number of players are registered then the Board of Directors, by a 2/3 vote of the full board, determines whether the club will register the team.

If there are fewer than (14 players for 11v11), (12 players on a 9v9 team) or (10 players on a 7v7 team) already properly registered for a particular travel team by the final registration date then no tryout will be required and the team could be set at the discretion of Head Coach as well as the BOD.

The Head Coach will not have to carry more than 14 players for 11v11, 12 players for an 9v9 team or 10 players for a 7v7.  Positions past these numbers do not need to be filled.   These remaining open spots are at the discretion of Player Agent/BOD (with the coaches input) as to whether they are to be filled.  Note: Late registered players cannot bump players who registered on time.

Any player who registers after the final registration date set by the BOD and wishes to play for a particular travel team will be placed on a waiting list.  As openings occur for a particular team, players from that waiting list will be considered by the Head Coach, the Player Agent, and the BOD.

All travel teams are open tryouts and no player who previously played on the team in a previous season is guaranteed a roster spot.  There may be a tryout when there exist more than 14 players for 11v11, 12 players for 9v9 or 10 players for 7v7 team who register and desire to play for a particular travel team.  A minimum of (2) to a maximum of (3) tryout dates will be set by the Vice President and/or BOD between May 1st and May 31st.  Players are required to attend tryouts to be considered for a team.  Those players who cannot attend at least (1) of these tryouts must provide the BOD a valid written reason.  It will be the board’s decision whether the player will be eligible to play.

After the final tryout date, the team roster selections will be decided as follows:  The tryout results will determine the first (11 players for an 11v11), (9 players for an 9v9) or (7 players for a 7v7) team by the Head coach or appointed representatives of the Board of Directors.  The Head Coach will then select the remaining roster spots up to the team minimum of 14 or the maximum of 18 for 11v11, minimum of 12 or the maximum of 16 for 9v9 or minimum of 10 or the maximum of 14 for 7v7.  If there is any disagreement with the tryout results, the evaluators and/or BOD decision are final.  The results of the tryout ranking are confidential to the BOD and Head coach.  Any players cut will be placed on a waiting list.

If roster openings still exist after July 1st or if a Head Coach wants to add to their roster then the BOD and/or the Head Coach may elect to hold additional tryouts to fill vacancies with players off the waiting list with preference given to the players who signed up on time.  If no one on the waiting list accepts an offer to be a member of the team then the coach may look elsewhere to fill vacant slots.  Any and all roster spots filled after July 1st will be at the discretion of the Head Coach and authorized and approved through the BOD.

Article 13a: Spring Registration

The ASYA at this time does not support a spring recreation soccer season, (due to the lack of field space), but will support any travel coach who wishes their team to participate in the spring travel season.  As such, there will be no public registration dates for the spring travel season.   Registration for the spring travel season must be completed by contacting the coach of the team for the prospective player’s age group, the appropriate player agent, or a member of the Board of Directors prior to a date in December set by the Board of Directors.

Article 14: Teams

Every child who otherwise qualifies will be eligible to participate in the recreational program of the ASYA, without regard to talent or ability.  Every child in an age group where there is a team competing in the South Jersey Soccer League or the South Jersey Girls Soccer League will also have the opportunity to try out for or play on such teams; however, in age groups where there is only one travel team and recreation program play is available, procedures for choosing players for the traveling teams shall be devised and implemented by the board.

Article 15: Tournaments/Trainer Funds

With prior approval of the board of directors, each traveling team shall be permitted to participate in one tournament per year or hire a team trainer at the organization’s expense (not to exceed $500).  The year shall be defined as that period from August 1st to July 31st.  The approval of the board shall be based upon, but not limited to, such considerations as the cost, the location, and the dates of the tournament.  The club will not pay any tournament fees until the annual organization fundraiser (i.e. Town Drive) has been completed by the team wishing to participate in the tournament.

With prior approval of the board of directors, each traveling team shall be permitted to participate in additional tournaments at no cost to the club; that is, funding through approved fundraisers (as per Article 18) or the parents of the players will be responsible for the costs of participating in these tournaments.  No team shall participate in a tournament without prior approval from the Board of Directors.

All decisions of the board shall be final.

Article 16: Trophies and Awards

It is the purpose of this organization to use the funds collected through registration, fundraisers, or other means to be used for the maximum benefit of all the participants in the program.  Because of this, the organization finds that it would usually be inappropriate to use such collected funds to purchase or to supplement the purchase of any article other than trophies or certificates for the recreation program.  Children involved in Div E and Div C of the recreational program will receive an acknowledgement of participation (i.e. trophy, certificate, patch, etc.) at the end of the season.  The amount to be spent on the participation award will be determined by the Recreation Director and approved by the BOD.  For a member or members of a traveling team or traveling teams, as recognition for their achievements on the field; that is; winning championships, setting records, or any similar achievement, it is the position of the organization that participation in the program is reward enough in and of itself.  Also, let it be noted that trophies or other awards are awarded to a traveling team and the members of that team who win a division championship by the South Jersey Soccer League and the South Jersey Girls Soccer League.  Therefore, no such purchases may be made using club funds.

As per SJSL and SJGSL rules, no standings or scores of U10 or younger travel teams may be posted to any media outlet.

Article 17: Hall of Fame

It is the intention of the ASYA to establish a hall of fame in order to recognize outstanding or extraordinary service to the organization.  Any member in good standing may nominate an individual whom he/she believes qualifies for induction into the hall.  Nominations must be made in writing to the board of directors by the second Thursday of September for consideration for induction.  Included should be a statement as to why the member believes the individual being nominated qualifies.

The criteria used to determine a person's qualifications will include the person's years of service, efforts on behalf of the organization, financial support, etc.  Induction is not limited to members but also may include members of the community that meet the criteria.

In order to be elected an individual must receive a two-thirds (2/3) majority of the eligible voting members present at the September meeting.  If more than two people qualify, i.e., receive the necessary number of votes, only the two receiving the most votes will be inducted that year.

Article 18: Fundraisers

Any team or teams shall be permitted to conduct fundraisers with prior BOD approval to:

1.      Purchase team clothing (jackets, warm-up suits)

2.      Purchase team equipment (ex. Sports bags)

3.      Employ services of a trainer

4.      Pay for, in part or whole, any tournament fees.

All funds collected from approved fundraisers are to be turned over to ASYA for deposit and a voucher will be issued to the Head Coach/Coaches that can be used to redeem these funds for approved purchases/use.

Article 19: Code of Conduct

The BOD will maintain a code of conduct for players, coaches, parents, directors and volunteers. Each year at registration, parents/guardians of ASYA players must sign the code of conduct form and explain these rules to their children.  No exceptions will be made.  Any individual violating the code of conduct may be disciplined by the BOD in a manner that the BOD sees fit.

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