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Audubon - 43 years of youth soccer

Club Meeting and Event Schedule

Club Meetings are usually held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8 PM, March through December, and also the 4th Thursday of the month for the months of August, September, and October. Meetings are held at the Community Center at the corner of Oak Street and Oakland Avenue.

  • Full Year Schedule of club meetings and special events
  • February 23rd at 8PM  
  • March 11th at 8PM
  • April 8th 7PM - 9PM  In-Person Fall Registration (tentative)  No in person registration due to facility being closed
  • April 10th 9AM - 12PM   In-Person Fall Registration (tentative)
  • April 22nd 7PM - 9PM    In-Person Fall Registration (tentative)
  • April 24th 9AM - 12PM   In-Person Fall Registration (tentative)
  • May 13th at 8PM  
  • June 10th at 8PM  
  • July 22nd at 8PM Beginning of Year Parents' Meeting  
  • August 12th at 8PM   
  • August 26th at 8PM   
  • September 9th at 8PM 
  • September 18th Picture Day
  • September 23rd at 8 PM  Nomination Meeting
  • October 7th at 8PM - Nomination Meeting
  • October 9th 5PM - 8PM Family Fun Day at ISC
  • October 21st at 8PM - Nomination Meeting
  • November 11th at 8PM End of Year Parents' Meeting Nomination Meeting
  • December 9th at 8PM - Election Meeting