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Tuesday October 21st,2014 9:30 PM
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Visitors since February 16, 2003

General Membership Meeting
Thursday November 13th,2014 8:00 PM

2014 Rec Game Schedule

See the Recreation Program page to view this year's Audubon rec soccer game schedules by age group.

2014 Rec Practice Schedule

See the Recreation Program page to view this year's Audubon rec practice schedules by age group.

2014 Travel Practice Schedule

See the Travel Program page to view this year's Audubon travel soccer practice schedules by team.

2014 Club Meetings

Club Meetings are usually held the 2nd Thursday of the month at 8 PM, March through December, and also the 4th Thursday of the month for the months of July, August, and October. Meetings are held at the Community Center at the corner of Oak Street and Oakland Avenue.
Note: Attendance at 8 meetings or club events, such as Work Parties from December 2013 through November 2014 is required for eligibility to vote in ASC elections. Questions about your attendance or eligibility can be addressed to John Graham.

  • Full Year Schedule of club meetings and special events
  • March 13th at 8PM
  • April 10th at 8PM
  • April 12th 9AM - 12PM Fall Registration
  • April 16th 7PM - 9PM Fall Registration
  • April 30th 7PM - 9PM Fall Registration
  • May 2nd at 8PM - Rescheduled to June 28 at 11 AM
  • June 12th at 8PM
  • June 28th 9AM - 11AM Fall Registration
  • June 28th at 11 AM Rescheduled from May 2
  • July 10th at 9PM
  • July 24th at 9PM
  • August 14th at 8PM
  • August 28th at 8PM
  • September 11th at 8PM
  • October 9th at 8PM
  • - Nomination Meeting
  • October 23rd at 8PM
  • - Nomination Meeting
  • November 13th at 8PM
  • - Nomination Meeting
  • December 11th at 8PM
  • - Election Meeting

    2014 Board of Directors

    Member Position E-Mail
    Bill Harvey President
    Mike Manzi Vice President
    John Graham League Administrator
    Kurt Andress Treasurer
    Recreation Director
    Rachel Graham Funds Director
    Girls Player Agent
    Boys Player Agent
    Mac McLaughlin Field Director
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